Who We Are

How We Got Here

The founders of 24 Hour Hops, Greg and Kyle showing off their fresh wet hops

Three years ago, my son and I, were having the most exceptional beer that either of us have ever had.  Even though this wet hop IPA was amazing we were bummed because we knew that it could only be enjoyed for a few weeks out of the year.  That’s when we decided to see what it would take for wet hop enthusiasts to be able to drink this all year long.

We worked with experts in greenhouses, hydroponics, hop farming, temperature control, and countless other specialists.  We collaborated with the local university to test these theories by conducting experimental grows in their greenhouse with different hop varieties.  What was a discussion over beer, quickly became a passion and a calling.

Finally, we had gained enough knowledge and experience to offer a world-first, super-premium wet hop to home brewers.  Bottom line, we are incredibly excited to offer our revolutionary wet hops year-round and hope you too share this excitement as you create your own unique brews.