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Looking to the future of wet hops

We are extremely happy with the success of our first few crops and glad that so many home and craft brewers were able to experience our wet hops.

We are now at the stage where we are looking for a grower and/or greenhouse operator interested in taking wet hop hydroponic production to the next level.  Please contact info@24hourhops.com if interested.  Thank you.

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Using wet hops is easy and achieves fantastic aroma.

It only takes a strainer bag with 6 ounces of wet hops to notice the fresh aroma.  We use the top nutrients and then we supercharge the plants with LED lighting. Since there are never dry periods, cloudy days, or over or under watering conditions you’ll get the same premier hop every time you order.  Finally, we hand pick your hops on the same morning that we ship.

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